PPP Consultant – Senegal

The Government of Senegal (GoS) has an ambitious program for infrastructure development through public private partnership (PPP) and has established the necessary legal and regulatory framework. In that perspective, the GoS created a Ministry of investment promotion and partnership (the Ministry), adopted a PPP law, established a national PPP committee and PPP unit. These entities are working together alongside with the line Ministries to develop and implement PPP projects.

GoS has requested IFC’s assistance to strengthen its capacity to deliver on its PPP agenda. To that effect, IFC requires the services of a consulting firm with a good understanding of PPP programs in developing countries as well as experience in developing PPP project pipelines and web-based toolkits for the identification, appraisal, procurement and monitoring PPP projects. The consultant will be also expected to deliver capacity building trainings to various stakeholders.

See full tender here: PPP Consultant – Senegal

Expression of Interest Deadline: 11 March 2015