Panama – Sustainable Production Systems and Conservation of Biodiversity

The Sustainable production systems and conservation of biodiversity project in Panama is about to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. After the expected Board approval, the project will become active and a procurement plan will be published on the World Bank project website. Shortly thereafter, the first procurement notice and actual tenders will be published. The project involves a total of almost $31 million, of which over $8 million is provided by Panama, and over $9.5 million by the GEF.
The Government of Panama has requested World Bank/GEF assistance in preparing the proposed project to further the conservation efforts undertaken by two earlier MBC projects, and  introduce innovation in sustainability options and support for biodiversity mainstreaming. The project will support enhanced corridor integrity and connectivity, and will contribute to preserve the resilience of regional ecosystems to climatic and other external pressures, including preservation of species of conservation concern.

The benefits will be derived from removing habitat transformation and encouraging sustainable  harvesting or integration of biodiversity elements at the farm level through biodiversity-friendly practices. Taking into account that biodiversity is a source of food, protection, health, recreation, and economic activities, any negative impact on biodiversity is not only critical for natural species, but for the human inhabitants in those areas. It becomes imperative to demonstrate that there are production systems that are sustainable, biodiversity-friendly, and can contribute to generate income to improve the livelihoods of local residents.
Thanks to its global experience, its earlier involvement in the previous GEF projects and its role as an impartial broker, the World Bank can play an effective role in enhancing the participation of civil society, the private sector, and local government, forge alliances, and increase commitment and financial support to the sustainability of the PAs. The GEF/World Bank partnership also has a comparative advantage in the design and implementation of Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs).

Proposed Development Objectives

The proposed global environmental objective is to conserve globally significant biodiversity through improved management effectiveness of 12 project protected areas and mainstreaming, and linking to markets, biodiversity-friendly management practices in their buffer zones.

Project components

– Sustainable Management of Protected Areas
– Biodiversity and Sustainable Productive Landscapes
– Knowledge Management and Strategic Communications
– Project Management