Zambia Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project

The Kariba Dam and Hydro-Electric Scheme (HES) was constructed across the Zambezi River between 1956 and 1959 and has been central to energy security and supporting economic development in both Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Kariba Reservoir supplies water to two underground hydropower stations located on the North (left) bank in Zambia and on the South (right) bank in Zimbabwe.

After 50 years of operation and serving the southern African region, the Kariba Dam now requires a series of rehabilitation works for its continued safe operation. These works include: 1.a) the design, fabrication and installation of an emergency spillway gate and a new gantry to prevent uncontrolled loss of water in the event of floodgate failure; 1.b) the refurbishment of the upstream emergency gate / stop-beam guides and replacement of secondary concrete to secure their smooth operation and, 2) reshaping of the plunge pool downstream of the dam to limit scouring and erosion that could potentially undermine the dam foundations, leading to dam failure.

Development Objective

The Project Development Objective is to assist in improving the safety and reliability of the Kariba Dam.

Project Components

1) Institutional & Project Management
2) Plunge Pool Reshaping
3) Spillway Refurbishment

Project Cost

IDA Commitment: $75 million
Borrower / Recipient’s own funds: $19.2 million
African Development Bank: $75 million
European Development Fund: $100 million
Swedish Trust Fund: $25 million
Total: $ 294.2 million

Project website

Full Project Information Document (PID)

Possible Action: Contact the Senior Water Resources Specialist (contact info in PID), contact the Netherlands Embassy in Zimbabwe (Harare) or contact the World Bank Liaisons at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC.

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